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Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 16:11:21 EST

>>I seriously doubt that. I know this is a cartoon, but let's be
>>realistic. They're vigilantes, not superheros.

>Well, somebody here once said that they are superheros.

They're not, even though it is easy to mix it up. Superheros have
special powers, vigilantes (Batman) have cool gear or work out a lot.

>>Nothing lasts forever. Everyone needs a little love,

>That's why I mention Turmoil and Queen Callista, these two has the

Huh? Turmoil is the most repulsive female I ever saw (G-D, HOW I
THAT ACCENT!). Even if T-Bone ended up liking her a LITTLE bit, she's

still a villian and he's still a good guy. I don't think so. With
Callista, there's
another repulsive female. An ugly version of Cally, and let's not
forget she
lives in a different time peroid. Even if Razor was capable of
getting back there,
I doubt he would want to stay or she would want to leave. Their love
for Cally
is sort of a young admoration/lust sort of thing, not real love.

>>perhaps something more than friendship after a while. I don't
>>know how old you are to understand this, but it does happen.
>>It's a natural part of life.

>But will they marry someone? to fall in love is possible, but

Again, the SWAT Kats are pretty young, in their 20's. I could easily
Jake settling down in another 20 years or so, when he's older and
Chance . . . well . . . no, I could never see that.

                                                  Dr. Jake

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