Re: Felina Feral.

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 96 14:09:37 EST

>>Name: Felina Feral. (I think that it was taken from the word "Feline".)
>I think her whole name means "wild cat" Feral, Felina. (Or does Feral mean

Felina is just a play on Feline, cat. Feral means a domesticated
animal that's reverted to the wild. Like the three kittens I feed at
work :)

>>Job: Lieutenant at the Enforcer.
>>House: Location Unknown. (But I say it is in Enforcer HQ, any comments?)
>Probably in a high rise building. Tell me this, would YOU want to live at
>your job?

Someone like Felina, or her uncle for that matter, who is devoted to
what they do, practically does live at their job.

>>Hair: Black, although there is some white hair on her hair (Some kats do
>>have white hair, not because they are old, it just something that they have
>>in their genes.).
>Highly attractave, but me to talk!

Why not? The black with white is a very common colr among felis
domesticus. Again, like those three kittens :)

>>Personalities: Just as I said in this list before, I don't know how to
>>describe someone personalities.
>Bingo! Personaliaties are near impossable to describe.

Not really. It's just a matter of how much you want. With Felina,
you could always start with a list of adjectives: tough, yet caring,
strong (emotionally not just physically), brave, loyal, devoted,
defiant (a bit, to her uncle), and so on.


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