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>>A thing that I don't want to come back, I HATE THE DARK AGES! Heck! I hate
>>medieval times too (Of course they are the same thing.), although I do like
>>how Razor act while they are on the Dark Ages.
>Hey, the "Dark Ages"! I remember that...back in the seventies when
>Ruby-Spears did
>everything...wish I had some Pepper Stew back then instead of my
>cornflakes...I was
>so defenceless..

I hate Pepper Stew, I hate to fight with a sword (I prefer using a light
saber.), I hate medieval weapons (Give me Photon torpedos and I'll use
it.), I hate a lot thing from the Dark Ages.

>Anyway, I didn't like "Bride of the Pastmaster" the first time I saw it,
>but kinda grew to
>like it after a few more viewings. Best spot for me was T-Bone's reaction
>to Glenn Leopold's
>corny "Good night, my Queen..." Razor dialogue - basically because it
>roughly approximated my own!

Love that dialogue, a funny scene, especialy when Razor try free the queen,
and when he say this line "Coming my queen!", or something like that.

>Also check out the earlier scene where Razor's eye-slots turn into
>"hearts" at the sight of
>Callie's ancestor,

Does she is really Callie's ancestor? I always think that she isn't her
ancestor. (BTW, this Razor's eye-slots turning to "hearts" is something
that you would likely to find in "SM".)

>and the rivalry between T-Bone and Razor throughout.

What kind of rivalry that you are talking about?

>Second favourite scene has to be the bit where they're in the Turbokat
>introducing themselves and they get kind of nervously confused in front
>of "Callista"

chance, I'm a little confuse here on writing my fanfic (The first one.),
does T-Bone and Razor will act the same if they meet another lady that look
like Callie?

>(Yes Edo, TWO "l"'s in "Callista", so I guess we'retied one a piece).
>Cute scene.

This is why I'm a little bit confuse, if Callista spell with two "l"s and
Callie's real name spell with one "l", does this mean that the Dark Ages
shorten somebody name? (Of course unless they aren't related at all.)

BTW, is it just me or does Callista is different from Callie?

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