Re: SwatKats replacement. (NO! not for today, but for the future.)

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996 21:48:32 +0700

>>Mitch Botwin say something about the SwatKats replacement, I say something
>>about a little young trainee (Probaly much younger than the SwatKats, 10
>>years younger than the SwatKats perhaps?) send by their future conterpart
>>(Ryan Kelley probaly know what am I talking about.), chance said something
>>about a younger protege, does somebody here want to add to this SwatKats
>>replacement thing?
>I'm just about "response-d out" for today, but I really like the kind of
>George Bailey/
>"It's a Wonderful Life" tangent represented by Chance and Jake remaining
>in the Enforcers
>in some kind of alternate reality. Cool idea.

Does this message above got to do with "If Chance say yes" thing thread?

>The "trainee" idea could only occur in fanfic, as in the logical
>progression of things it would
>take place so far along the timeline that the series would've had to go
>nearly 200 eps.

Unless you add a comic series to help on the logical progression,
unfortunately the SwatKats comic was never made. :-(

>We'll be lucky to get 39 (if eventually...WPT's anyone?).

How about 200 years chance? does this is OK if I send a trainee to the past
in my fanfic story from that particular timezone?

(chance mention about the "shrinking thing".)

>('Course, that's just's your with it as you please!)

This maybe the same rule that Hard Drive use if he trap the SwatKats in a
VR world.

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