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>Does she is really Callie's ancestor? I always think that she isn't her
>ancestor. (BTW, this Razor's eye-slots turning to "hearts" is something
>that you would likely to find in "SM".)

Heh. Actually, when I saw my canned copy of the "Bride" ep, I'd just finished watching
"Sailor Moon" and thought much the same thing.

>>and the rivalry between T-Bone and Razor throughout.
>What kind of rivalry that you are talking about?

Oh, Razor gets the goblet of milk, T-Bone get's a hot forge. Razor makes eyes at the Queen
during chit-chat around the medieval dinner table, T-Bone gets to make Turbokat parts using
the equivalent of stone axes and arrowheads. Jake gets the appellation "Sir Razor" after that
first fight scene, where T-Bone almost gets completely ignored. Even at the end when Razor
gets a kiss from Callista, T-Bone is shaking his head in disbelief until he gets one as well.

Not sure if Callista is intended as a linear ancestor of Callie Briggs...I guess you could make a
worthy case for either side of the argument with equal validity.

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