Felina Feral.

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Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996 08:59:30 +0700

Let's compile all information about her, and yes Terra! I don't know that
is this true or not, but we have to found out about this, that's why we
must compile all information that we got.

Name: Felina Feral. (I think that it was taken from the word "Feline".)
Job: Lieutenant at the Enforcer.
House: Location Unknown. (But I say it is in Enforcer HQ, any comments?)
Age: Probaly the same as Briggs. (Opinion, opinion, send in your opinion.)
Hair: Black, although there is some white hair on her hair (Some kats do
have white hair, not because they are old, it just something that they have
in their genes.).
Eyes: Black.
Personalities: Just as I said in this list before, I don't know how to
describe someone personalities.

Relation to the character of the series:
Ulysses Feral: Her uncle and her boss.
Lt.Steel: We got to find out more about this.
T-Bone and Razor: Fellow protector of MegaKat city.
Jake and Chance: We got to find out more about this.
Briggs: We got to find out more about this.
Manx: Her mayor.

Past history: ----<Put your idea right here>---.
(note: Felina was an evolution from the original SwatKats contact.)

Ok, any comments? any addition? I may missing out something here.

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