Re: Felina Feral.

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 10:38:13 +0700

>(Or does Feral mean hate?)

Well, someone here was once said that Feral means "hate".

>>House: Location Unknown. (But I say it is in Enforcer HQ, any comments?)
>Probably in a high rise building.

Well, Felina is very highly dedicated to her job, so she probaly stay there
while she is an Enforcer. BTW, where do Jake and Chance stay while they are
still on the Enforcer?

>Tell me this, would YOU want to live at your job?

No, but there is some job that require you to live in the same place as
your work place.

>>Age: Probaly the same as Briggs.
>Mabye Callie is a bit older.

Yes, probaly, although their age different may differ just a little.

>>Personalities: Just as I said in this list before, I don't know how to
>>describe someone personalities.
>Bingo! Personaliaties are near impossable to describe.

Especialy the personalities of your fanfic character.


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