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Date: Sun, 7 Jan 1996 10:26:49 -0800

August Paul Yang wrote (and August Paul Yang means this):

>>This jogged in my memory something that happened two years ago. I went
>>to Philidelphia for a comix convention back then and as I went in who
>>should I see but T-Bone and Razor!

>>these were two guys who were in costume.
>>Apparently, HB sent
>>them in order to promote the show because I bumped into them several
>>times on the Con floor.

I asked about this earlier after someone else mentioned that they were at some other con,
and was told that *fans* actually were responsible for the fur-suits, not Hanna-Barbera.
Someone I've talked to in the past year actually *has* a pic of these two guys, but it'll
be some brain-wracking before I can recall who. I think the Kats were utterly absent from
the SanDiego Comicon *this* year, though evidently Turner reps were fielding questions
all day long about them (that is, when they weren't laughing at the comics company who
approached them to ask about doing a Kat comic).

>Yeah, I KNOW! If I had it, I'd stop the Tremblays from even considering to
>sell the SWAT Kat theme to <Ack!> Turner, my idol. Let's face it, who else
>can you blame for your mistakes?

Yes, well, at the time everybody was telling the Tremblays "Go with Ted! He's got the resources,
he wants to *make* something out of Hanna-Barbera...(yadda, yadda, yackety-shmackety)"
Still, for all Tedco's faults, at least the series got made in the first place - too bad lobotomies
came back in fashion when the cancel order came down.

>>August Paul Yang hopes maybe someone else knows and has pics of T-Bone
>>and Razor in this reality. (Please?)
>Fantasy's out, huh? Darn! It's still a cool thing though.
>SWAT Kat Extremist to the Extreme

I'll try remember who has the pics.
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