The suits are out there...

From: August Yang <>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 23:06:49 -0500

Sorry, Folx. ObX-file ref. Br)

But on topic, because I just got through reading the "Wacky list of toys"
thread and it was mentioned that people would like life-sized T-Bone
and Razor action figures.

This jogged in my memory something that happened two years ago. I went
to Philidelphia for a comix convention back then and as I went in who
should I see but T-Bone and Razor!

Before anyone starts yanking out those long-sleeved jackets that tie in
the back, these were two guys who were in costume. Apparently, HB sent
them in order to promote the show because I bumped into them several
times on the Con floor.

Unforetunately, I 1) was not into the SWAT Kats at that point in time
and 2) have an aversion to people in those sorts of costumes. (I
think it dates back to when I was in Walt Disney World and Mickey
grabbed me... HEY! I was only six at the time! What was I supposed
to think? Br)

*NOW*, of course, I would have loved to get a picture with those two
guys, but alas I did not. (Dammit, where's the Pastmaster's watch
when I *really* need it?)

August Paul Yang hopes maybe someone else knows and has pics of T-Bone
and Razor in this reality. (Please?)

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