Re: Dead SwatKats.

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 1996 13:37:40 +0700

>>If they die of old age?!? Will they train their replacements, give their
>>equipment to the
>>enforcers or just cover it with a cloth, leave the keys and instruction
>>manual on the
>>floor and wait for someone to find them?
>An instruction "Manuel"? That's like some trained guy running around
>going "Que?"...
>"Missah Fawlty...I know nuuuhhhhhhh-thing...".

But quite handy if you have no SwatKats around. ;-)

>Actually, that's an interesting question. Being Kat-vigilantes unlikely
>to hang up their
>spurs (or oxy-masks) for the 1.2 kids/two-car garage/white-picket fence kind of
>suburban marriage sentence,

If they_ do_ ever get married, which is by the way I don't think that will

>it makes you wonder how they'll develop progeny to take
>over once they're in the old-Kat home.

They probaly live in a huge mansion that was build by Jake money, which is
by the way he earn it from his partnership company.

>I know some ex-military types who are well into
>their sixties that look as though *they* could still wrestle the odd
>Creepling to a draw, so
>I think the Kat-boys have a ways to go yet.

But T-Bone doesn't want to die in an old age, so he told Razor the
alternative, Razor agree with him, want to guess what's going to happen

>Perhaps they'd acquire a younger protege in
>a later season - COMPLETELY UNLIKE "Carter" from the late-lamented season of
>TMNT - and train him/her to take over?

Hmm, a SwatKats academy..., we should think of the possibilitites of
bringing that to the real world.

BTW, how about if they train someone that their future counterpart send? a
little young trainee perhaps? the one that is crazy about the SwatKats?

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