Re: character web page?

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 1996 12:53:00 +0700

>>Branching off someone's idea a while back, about having vanity names, and rat
>>having a "write your favorite SK character" thing, why not, if they're
>>interested, let "characters" have their own web page?
>I gather the idea is to have branches off of the main page to a graphic
>oriented page
>with a pic of the specific character along with some bio information,

That will be good thing to have, to put all their bios on a page that was
dedicated to them.

>perhaps a pic of the voice artist, and so on?

Don't put the pic of the voice artist, that will ruin the magic. Put the
information their history as a voice cast instead, such as, what previous
voice that Frank Welker gives to, which cartoon that uses them as guest
star, etc.

>Another way to go about it is that those of us with Web pages of
>our own might like to "adopt" a character to create on said page,

Good, I build one to put in my homepage.

>and would simply maintain the links.

Another good one, anyone agree with me?

>(Just a thought...I personally have no Web abilities here beyond browsing.)

I do have some web abilities.

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