Re: Dead SwatKats.

From: Mitch Botwin <>
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 96 10:53:07 -0500

WELCOME to SwatKats University

Fan Fare

You will receive the finest education at SKU were we number the =
finest flyers and creative engineers among our faculty. Tired of =
creeplings stealing your breakfast cerial. Tired of having some =
bully turn your pet goldfish to crystal. Ghosts of your ancestors =
pushing you around. SKU the answer to your survival problems.


Ferrel - Communications skills
        Learn how to correctly call for chopper backup.
        Learn how deal with underlings.
        Devlop the respecet of your underlings

<fill in the blanks>


Advanced missle design.

How to get the most speed from you jet.

Dogfighting made simple.

<create appropriate courses>

The goal is to create a SwatKats university. This should be fun. =
If someone could gather all the responses and possible put into a =
single document that would be great.


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