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Date: Mon, 1 Jan 1996 11:48:12 -0800

>>On Fri, 29 Dec 1995, Edo Andromedo wrote:

>I wonder how the public treat them after that Enforcer building incident,
>do they excluded Jake and Chance from any social events? or do they doesn't
>care about the Enforcer building thing.

Depends. In some cultures, Jake and Chance are the epitome of anti-establishment, and
therefore instant heroes. Aside from the villainry, MegaKat City seems fairly law-abiding (read: "boring"), so they probably would've recoiled in horror at the cost when Jake and Chance were drummed out, and likely wouldn't have put them on the "A" list for parties. Actually, I get the idea
that Jake and Chance keep pretty much to themselves anyway, as so far their only extra-garage
"recreational" activities seem to be a trip to the theater for "Hard Shell", and a walk around
the beach at the conclusion of "Volcanus Erupts". Oddly, Callie Briggs (who undoubtedly
would've been putting in the extra hours on the calculator adding up the damage) doesn't seem
to bear any grudges towards the guys in her Official capacity, and the only other contact between
city personnel and "Jake and Chance Garage" seems to be Burke and Murray. I'd kinda like to
see Feral put in an appearance at the Garage...just to see the resulting fireworks.

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