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Ok, let's try this again...

>>I meant to say that _if_ Feral secretly knows, or has a suspision of the
>>real identities of TB & R, he would be a fool to "let the kat out of the
>>bag". Telling everykat the secret identities would surely put an end to the
>>Swat Kats' saving MegaKat city.
>But could that he can make them comeback to the Enforcer as a special
>squadron if their true identity is known? what will happen if the whole
>MegaKat know their true identity? what will he do?

I seriously doubt that Cmdr. Feral would have Jake & Chance return to duty
as Enforcers even if their true identities were known. It's just like any
other superhero's identity. You may have your suspisions of their true
names, you might even know exactly who they are, but you don't tell anyone
for fear of screwing up the "anonymous" help the city's receiving.

Besides, that's the whole point of the story!

>>Feral knows he's got a good thing with the SK protecting MK city.
>Oh! but aren't that torturing if he never really tell the SwatKats that he
>really know their true identity? does this mean that he uses them as a
>backer all the time? just keeping them in suspense between the known and
>the unknown.

I don't think Feral would tell TB & R if he knew who they really were. If I
were him, I'd keep it under my hat until I _really_ needed the information
to get out (ie if the SK ever turned evil or something).

>BTW, did Feral ever say thanks to them? if he did say thanks (Even if it

At the end of "Enter the Madkat" he almost thanks them in his comments
Steele: "Commander! The Swat Kats practically destroyed headquarters!"
Feral: "Button it Steele! They also saved my life, not that you care."

And at the end of "Unlikely Alloys" (I think), Feral says something like "I
was going to thank you two.."

>Why did Feral deosn't show his feeling to the SwatKats, does this mean that
>he doesn't want anyone to know his feeling about them? or does this mean
>that he caught on the Enforcer trap?

It's just the way he is. Look at "Katastrophe" when Feral sneaks into the
warehouse & Razor says, "Nice to see you too Commander!"

>>That is to say that when Jake & Chance _were_ in the Enforcers, they may
>>have met Callie..
>Why? how do they meet? aren't Briggs isn't got the job of Deputy Mayor yet
>while they are in the Enforcer? how do a regular Enforcer get to meet a
>Deputy Mayor?

This is purely fanfic here.. IMO, they probably did meet her while they
were in the Enforcers. If Callie has been Deputy Mayor for as long as Manx
has been in office, she's been there for 10 terms of mayoral office. (Hmm..
I doubt she's been there the whole time, unless she started work at 15 years
old! <g>)
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