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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 06:44:57 +0700

>>>On Fri, 29 Dec 1995, Edo Andromedo wrote:
>>I wonder how the public treat them after that Enforcer building incident,
>Depends. In some cultures, Jake and Chance are the epitome of
>anti-establishment, and
>therefore instant heroes.

In which cultures does this happen?

>Aside from the villainry, MegaKat City seems fairly law-abiding (read:

Well, there is some gangster loose in MegaKat City.

>so they probably would've recoiled in horror at the cost when Jake and
>Chance were drummed out, and likely wouldn't have put them on the "A" list
>for parties.

Ok Matt, this eliminated the idea of having them in Tuxedo attending some
sort of social events, but you could still draw them though.

>Actually, I get the idea
>that Jake and Chance keep pretty much to themselves anyway, as so far
>their only extra-garage
>"recreational" activities seem to be a trip to the theater for "Hard
>Shell", and a walk around
>the beach at the conclusion of "Volcanus Erupts".

Does Jake and Chance also go to an arcade to play some games?

>Oddly, Callie Briggs (who undoubtedly would've been putting in the extra
>hours on the calculator adding up the damage) doesn't seem to bear any
>grudges towards the guys in her Official capacity,

Could it be that Briggs isn't a Deputy Mayor yet when the Enforcer building
blows up? this maybe what caused the no grudge thing. This is the reason
why I ask the list "How do she meet Manx anyway?" thing.

>and the only other contact between
>city personnel and "Jake and Chance Garage" seems to be Burke and Murray.

What jobs are Burke and Murray doing? and how many times that Jake and
Chance see them a day? or a week?

>I'd kinda like to see Feral put in an appearance at the Garage...just to
>see the resulting fireworks.

I think that Ryan done this on his Midnight story.

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