Re: Kat guys must be Lt.'s

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Date: Mon, 1 Jan 1996 11:48:09 -0800

>So are Jake and Chance just officers or Lieutenants as suggested earlier
>in your post since they are pilots? I'm assuming that the regular
>"cannon-fodder" for the series are just plain officers, which would
>indicate that Jake and Chance are just that since they seem to be wearing
>the same uniform in that flashback.

All things being equal, they *should* be lieutenants - at least Chance anyway. Even
in STNG (which uses a similar rank structure to the Kats), I don't think I've seen anyone
below the rank of Lt. fly so much as a shuttle. I doubt even the Kats design team worked
it out that far anyway, so you could basically do whatever you wanted in fanfic and nobody
would call you dirty names. Chance is a *bit* mouthy to be a Lieutenant in RL, but then again,
so's Feral - and he's the Commander!

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