Re: SK TurboKat BBS legal?

From: chance <>
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 1995 22:14:43 -0800

> Is it legal for me to call my BBS "TurboKat" and have little ansi
>SK logos, and have SK stuff available for d-load, and call the SysOp
>"T-Bone" and the co-SysOp "Razor" please tell me before I change all my
>ansi screens to fit sk. Also, a big BBS i'm on might be getting telnet
>and FTP and there are chat rooms there. Maybe we could hold our chats
>there since I am a member! I'll have to ask him.

Eyahhh...we're currently going through all of this on Um,
I can't tell you it's legal, but so far most Entertainment entities seem not to
worry too much provided you don't have explicit stuff on your site, and you're
not deriving profit from the images and text information by any means. In short,
it's up to you.

"The Cartoon Network" apparently has a site on America On-Hold. Has
anyone visited to see if there is any Katstuff present?

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