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Date: Sun, 5 Nov 1995 12:26:10 -0800

>1. Did Mack and Molly used to belong to a mob before they
> died? [Y/N]


>2. Was Dr. Viper mutated? [Y/N]

Yup...from NBCW scientist Dr. Elrod Purvis (which, if you rearrange the letters of,
 gives you "Dr. Viper" with letters to spare...)

>3. Have you, or are you, making a tape of all the eps.
> for future viewing? [Y/N]

Oh yeah..with a _lot_ of help from 'States friends like Mark Lungo and Michael Hirtes.
They aren't shown in Canada at all.

>4. Did you know that T-Bone and Razor's real names are
> Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong? [Y/N]

Yessirree..and originally, the guys were going to be called "Chuck" and "Yeager"
after the famous test-pilot of the same name, and T-Bone was nearly renamed
"Doomsday" before the H-B creative team settled on "T-Bone".

>5. Is Dark Kat responsible for getting T-B & R out of the
> Enforcers? [Y/N]

Nah...he was just the Katalyst (forgive the pun) - I'd say Feral caused the dismissal
and Dark Kat just provided the opportunity. Kat-guys seem to blame Dark Krud

>6. Have you seen all the eps.? [Y/N]

Yup...thanks to the qualifier in Question 3...

>7. Can you name every episode that you saw? [Y/N]

I think so..but it'll take up too much space here.

>8. Do you draw the SWAT Kats or try to? [Y/N]

Oh yeah, every day...but I get kinda discouraged when I compare my stuff to
Mook's. I might be able to mimic Hanho Heung-Up on a bad day though. I've
got the 'Kat guys on the side of my Army Jeep, and on a pile 'o' stuff at work too.

>9. Have you recorded SK sounds for future hearing? [Y/N]

I made an audio tape of "The Ci-Kat-a" for listening to in the car (cuz I'd only
seen it "scrambled" up to that point...).

>10. If you were given a picture of one of the SWAT Kat's
> suits, would you be able to color all the places on it
> with the correct colors? (Colorblind people say yes) [Y/N]

Yup...might even be able to quote the Pantone numbers...(PPPGALF material..)

>11. Are you on the SWAT Kats mailing list? [Y/N]

Anyone answering "no" will be shot by the Center for Disease Control as being
infectiously stupid...

>12. Do you post notes on the mailing list? [Y/N]

Lurkers are generally shy...a fifth of Scotch solves that problem...

>13. Do you write letters to ToonNet and Hanna-Barbera and
> tell them how upset you are about the cancellation of
> SWAT Kats? [Y/N]

Oh yeah, about 16 of 'em at last count - not including the faxes. 300 letters if you
count my downloads to Christian, but I guess that's cheating.

>14. Did you know that SWAT Kats is cancelled? [Y/N]

You don't say?

>15. Do you hate Ted Turner's guts for what he did? [Y/N]

The Center for Disease Control will be making an additional stop in Atlanta...

>16. Do you visit the FTP site regularly? [Y/N]

I get a "No" here...I wasn't even aware other Katfic had been posted aside from
my own. D'oh!

>17. Do you wish you could get your hands on all the Animato
> magazines that have SWAT Kats in them? [Y/N]

We might be able to work something out if there's enough interest, else you can write
or call Animato! yourselves for back-issues. I'll continue typing the thing in tonight
(and I'd scan the art in too, but I _still_ haven't fixed the fax.).

>18. Are you angry that TBS dropped SK? [Y/N]

Stupidity should be fatal. With all the hours of programming that TBS has to fill,
they couldn't find room for the 'Kats along with reruns of Scooby and Gilligan's
Island? I don't buy it...I suspect something happened and they were told to
take it off - maybe to boot up the rating for TCN.

>19. Did you wish that Hanna-Barbera would've used a different
> brodcasting system than Turner Program Services? [Y/N]

That's kind of like saying "don't you wish the Big Mac was made by Wendy's?"
Turner owns Hanna-Barbera, so they're a captive audience. Kats _should_
have been offered to Fox, CBS and ABC though...but Turner was so arrogant
that they publicly stated that "we don't need to...we already have enough outlets".

>20. Do you think SWAT Kats not only entertains, but it
> also teaches aerodynamics and increases vocabulary? [Y/N]

Um...yeah, I suppose. Though you won't likely see "Speed of Heat" or "Matchhead
Missiles" on your average Tomcat anytime soon. Sadly, if SK was a primer for
aerodynamics, we'd have a lot more crashes!

>If you don't already belong to the mailing list, e-mail
> and in the BODY, not heading, put

Not to be confused with that other word "subscribe"? Um, not to diss you for
your attempt at membership recruiting, but why preach to the converted? All
of us are already members! (Post this whole thing to a.t.s.k. if you can - it needs
something up there!)

 "Sorry for's just that you looked so much like the 'Cheshire Cat' for a
  minute there, and I was rather hoping bits of you would begin to disappear.."

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