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Date: Sun, 5 Nov 1995 15:08:53 -0500 (EST)

        Any Computer Programmers out there? If so, maybe we could all
pitch in ideas for a non-official SK computer game. My parents really
don't like me renting the machines and the SK game, but if it was on
disks or CD-ROM or something, they would probably let me. One of my ideas
for it is flying in the TurboKat and getting to switch between Razor and

On Sat, 4 Nov 1995, David Minter wrote:

> > Please someone tell me if it is worth renting the SK Video Game.
> Oh, it's definately worth a rental! It has the stage selection option
> of Mega Man, combines the RPG element of gaining experience points to raise
> levels and get more life, different weapons, and better strength. Piloting
> the Turbo Kat is well integrated into the game play, unlike other platform
> games with simulators mixed in. There are sound clips at level up that
> amazingly close to Barry Gordon and Charlie Adler. The designers were
> either fans or viewed the show to get ideas for there are cameo appearances
> everywhere. The ending should give you a chuckle. Also, the difficulty
> level isn't troublesome, and can be set. The first time I played it, I set
> the difficulty on the highest setting and got all the way up to Dark Kat
> himself ( i.e. not just the stage ) before I had to continue. The game has
> a password feature that, if you compare passwords long enough, you can break
> the code. All in all, it's definately worth a rent, and now that it's been
> out for about two months, should have dropped considerably enough in price
> to be worth buying, too. And, hey! It looks more like SWAT Kats than the
> Remco figures! ( I'm never going to get off of that subject, am I! :> )
> David Minter
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