Re: SK Video Game

From: David Minter <>
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 1995 15:23:00 -0600

> Please someone tell me if it is worth renting the SK Video Game.

     Oh, it's definately worth a rental! It has the stage selection option
of Mega Man, combines the RPG element of gaining experience points to raise
levels and get more life, different weapons, and better strength. Piloting
the Turbo Kat is well integrated into the game play, unlike other platform
games with simulators mixed in. There are sound clips at level up that
amazingly close to Barry Gordon and Charlie Adler. The designers were
either fans or viewed the show to get ideas for there are cameo appearances
everywhere. The ending should give you a chuckle. Also, the difficulty
level isn't troublesome, and can be set. The first time I played it, I set
the difficulty on the highest setting and got all the way up to Dark Kat
himself ( i.e. not just the stage ) before I had to continue. The game has
a password feature that, if you compare passwords long enough, you can break
the code. All in all, it's definately worth a rent, and now that it's been
out for about two months, should have dropped considerably enough in price
to be worth buying, too. And, hey! It looks more like SWAT Kats than the
Remco figures! ( I'm never going to get off of that subject, am I! :> )

     David Minter
     ( What an original signature! )

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