SK Test

Date: Sat, 4 Nov 1995 11:37:44 -0500 (EST)

Are you REALLY a TRUE SWAT Kat fan?
Take this SK IQ test to find out! After you're done, count up
the amount of "yes" answers and look at the graph to see how
you've done.
Get Ready!

1. Did Mack and Molly used to belong to a mob before they
   died? [Y/N]
2. Was Dr. Viper mutated? [Y/N]
3. Have you, or are you, making a tape of all the eps.
   for future viewing? [Y/N]
4. Did you know that T-Bone and Razor's real names are
   Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong? [Y/N]
5. Is Dark Kat responsible for getting T-B & R out of the
   Enforcers? [Y/N]
6. Have you seen all the eps.? [Y/N]
7. Can you name every episode that you saw? [Y/N]
8. Do you draw the SWAT Kats or try to? [Y/N]
9. Have you recorded SK sounds for future hearing? [Y/N]
10. If you were given a picture of one of the SWAT Kat's
    suits, would you be able to color all the places on it
    with the correct colors? (Colorblind people say yes) [Y/N]
11. Are you on the SWAT Kats mailing list? [Y/N]
12. Do you post notes on the mailing list? [Y/N]
13. Do you write letters to ToonNet and Hanna-Barbera and
    tell them how upset you are about the cancellation of
    SWAT Kats? [Y/N]
14. Did you know that SWAT Kats is cancelled? [Y/N]
15. Do you hate Ted Turner's guts for what he did? [Y/N]
16. Do you visit the FTP site regularly? [Y/N]
17. Do you wish you could get your hands on all the Animato
    magazines that have SWAT Kats in them? [Y/N]
18. Are you angry that TBS dropped SK? [Y/N]
19. Did you wish that Hanna-Barbera would've used a different
    brodcasting system than Turner Program Services? [Y/N]
20. Do you think SWAT Kats not only entertains, but it
    also teaches aerodynamics and increases vocabulary? [Y/N]

Total correct: ________ Total Questions: __20__

Use this graph to see how you've scored!:

1-5 Not a fan
6-10 You watch the show, but not much else.
11-15 Good fan. Knows a lot.
16-20 True fan. You really do like SK!!!!!

When I uploaded this, my score was 19. (I haven't seen 3 eps.)

Did you beat it?

If you don't already belong to the mailing list, e-mail and in the BODY, not heading, put

A.J. Freda Mac: "I didn't know that was your sister's car back there!"
"Tails" on IRC Molly: "You always hated my side of the family!"

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