New theme song

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 95 11:30:50 CST

If the Wb were to take over, they could of course come up with a
new theme song for the opening.....

(to the theme of Animaniacs)

It's time for Radical Squadron Kats
Razor bombs, and Viper plants
T-bone flys the TurboKat, while Bill Clinton plays the sax
(sorry couldn't come up with another line)
We're Rad-ical Squa-drone Kats
See Mack and Molly try to take over the universe
When kreplings group together, Callie hits them with her purse
Manx chases clients, Red Lynx does his worst

and so on and so on, feel free to add to this rearrange it and have FUN,
unless everyone else deems this pathetically stupid, in which case let it go.

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