Re: New theme song

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 95 09:40:32 CST

Come join the Swatkat buddies and the secret connection Cal
(once again sorry, couldn't think of a word close to Dot)
just for fun we fly around the MegaKat city blocks
They sentenced us to a junkyard, the one time we got caught
But now we're loose, got DarkKat's goose and soon it will be cooked

>It's time for Radical Squadron Kats
>Razor bombs, and Viper plants
>T-bone flys the TurboKat, while Bill Clinton plays the sax
>(sorry couldn't come up with another line)
>We're Rad-ical Squa-drone Kats
>See Mack and Molly try to take over the universe
>When kreeplings group together, Callie hits them with her purse
>Manx chases clients, Red Lynx does his worst

....Feral flipped, he's got no grip, why bother to converse
    We're Rad-ical Squa-dron Kats....

**Once again add to it, I need help!! (you decide what kind)**

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