Odd Cricumstances, part 3

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*AUTHOR'S NOTE* Please keep your advice coming! If anyone missed the first
and second parts, e-me and I'll send it to you. Also, please check out my
"Day and Night" series.
Megakat City, present
Flute slouched in her seat. Felina and Westly asked them some of the normal
quetions, and left them alone with stirct orders to stay put. Yeah right.
Like someone with Flute's nature would stay put longer than three minuetes.
Glancing around, the kitten was up and at the door in a flash. Amber looked
up. "Flute, you get back here right now! When those adults return, I'll
tell...." she whined as Flute shot her a glare. "Shhhh...Amber, I don't care
if I have to face the firing squad for leaving!! You listen to me, Amber.
I'm going exploring. This'll be better than a history lesson!!" Jinx hopped
up. "Count me in, sis. I hate waiting around." Amber glared at them and
sullenly got up and followed them. "We're gonna get in trouble.." she
whined, trying to change their minds. No use. They easily slipped past the
guard and ran downtown, using the map Flute had downloaded as a guide.

Megakat City, 20083
Celia wrung her hands. How were they going to get back this time? Knowing
her children as well as she did, Celia knew they wouldn't think about it
much at first, but when night came, they would be lost and alone. At times
like this, Celia wanted to both teach them a lesson by leaving them there,
and try to help them as a mother should. As always, the motherly side of her
won the debate. Now they had to try to find a way to get them back. There
was only one glich. No one knew just WHERE in time the trio had gone.

Megakat Salvage Yard, present
Jake and Chance had finished the last part of the last obstacle of the last
course. Both were pretty much exhausted, so when they heard the sound of
little kittens talking form somewhere in the yard, they groaned. They felt
tired enough already, and now they would have to go deal with the imps and
send them home. The voices of the kittens sounded vaugely familier, and when
they saw the kittens themselves, they recognized them as the three that had
sent downtown into an uproar earlier that day. Jake called out to them. "Who
are you? What are you doing here, and where are your parents? Do they even
know what you've been doing?"
Amber turned in panic. She had known something like this would happen! Now
where was Flut? It wasn't fair that she left anytime there was trouble!
Jake, meanwhile, heard, next to his shoulder, a girl's voice answer his
questions. "We're the triplets of the Werekat clan. We got lost looking for
a fast-food joint, and, if I'm right, our parents haven't even been born
yet. Try our great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great
granparents, maybe." Both mechanics turned to see Flut sitting on the hood
of an old car, like she had before, her head cocked. She looked at them in
mock bewilderment and grinned. "I didn't do it, okay?"

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