Re: E-Mail !!!!!

From: David Minter <>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 21:47:01 -0600

>> All of us e-mail around the same time and say you
>>want a reply and tell them how disgusted you are with SWAT Kats being
>> Maybe by doing this, we can knock Ted off his feet with all the
>>SK mail coming all at once! :)
>You know, this is a fine idea. In order for it to be effective, a lot of
us have to
>climb on board. How about it, rarely-heard-froms?

     Well, it's a nice idea, but it won't work. What with the Brave winning
the World Series, Ted will just attribute it to axing SK, and will never let
the property go now. But still, I'll help.

     David Minter
     ( What an original signature! )

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