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>The Turbokat does not appear to have swing wings. It just looks like
>an F-14's wing at mid-sweep. There's really not much Harrier in the
>Kat; it has more in common with the Russian Yak-141. There are
>inconsistencies, though, as in VTOL mode the TK's air intakes become
>the front nozzles, and it's not clear where the middle engine gets
>its air.
>Not that I mind at all of course. The Turbokat rules!! much for anality. Actually, in the original model sheets for the
Turbokat at Hanna-Barbera (drawn by an amazing artist named Butch
Hartman), actually points out that the TK has swing-wings - even going
so far as to annotate the drawing for the storyboard artists encouraging
them to make sure that the TK has "fully swept" mode drawn for high-speed
flight, and the fully extended config for low-altitude/speed stuff. I'll post the
model sheet up to /incoming (now that Rat's back from the fur-con).

>Pilots are like that, but do note that dents and imperfections add
>drag, and become hot spots at high-speed flight.

Unless you're a Canadian flying an old Grumman S-2 Tracker - in which case
duct-tape seems to resolve that problem nicely (it's a long story...).

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