Re: 4500 mph???!!!

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 95 11:12:44 EDT

> How fast is 4500mph? That's the top speed of the TurboKat. Is it
>faster than the speed of sound? (mach1)? or is it mach2, mach3, etc.
>Please let me know. Thanx. :)

4500mph is Mach 6+ near sea level; higher at higher altitudes. It's
also impossible for an aircraft like the Turbokat - just too much
drag and not enough thermal protection.

>P.S. Also, how fast is the speed of heat?

Depends on whether it's radiant, convection, or conduction heat
transfer. Seriously, it's just made-up jargon for the show.

who promises to stop being so serious :)

Ed Rudnicki
Oculis numquam claudentibus

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