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Date: Mon, 16 Oct 1995 22:29:45 -0700

>>Another thing that has always made me scratch my head.
>>Why they always fly so low no matter where they're going??
>>Would there be any benefit, besides vibrating every window in MKcity??
>There would only be two reasons to fly so low: 1. If they're trying
>to avoid radar (or being spotted visually). 2. If they're so close
>to the threat that there's no point in climbing.
>In addition to rattling windows, low level flight consumes more fuel
>and gives you a rougher ride than high altitude.

Far-fetched, but does anyone remember the Roy Scheider flick "Blue Thunder"?
Lt. Murphy ditched a number of heatseekers fired by F-16's by tricking them into
slamming into office-towers which, reflecting the brilliant sunshine, appeared "hotter"
than the exhaust of the helo's turbines. I doubt the Kat-guys had that much forethought -
(aside from needlessly wasting innocent bored little-lemmings in their office towers) but
it makes for an entertaining explanation! Also, missiles fired from the rooftop of
M-Kat city buildings at the Turbokat would have a greater chance of hitting it
if the TK was flying much higher and clear of the "interference" represented by all
the buildings and what-have-you.

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