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From: Dr. Samuel Conway <>
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 1995 09:04:13 -0400

Let's remember, too, that this is a cartoon. ;)

I do admire artists' efforts to incorporate "real" science into "cartoon"
science, but sometimes you simply have to take a bit of artistic license.

However, you would be surprised how many standard reagents in a chemistry
laboratory can, if used improperly or brought into contact with the wrong
items, can turn into dreadfully dangerous materials....

...*looking at the remains of his left hand*....some quite so...

But anyway, there are a lot of compounds in my lab which while they have
their synthetic uses, are known mutagens. They even carry bright and garish
warning labels that say "MUTAGEN!" So perhaps the materials the Kat scientists
come up with are not specifically meant to be mutagens, but just have that
property, which Dr. Viper can exploit.

I'll add that "Katalyst 999" is a term that I've come to give to any concoction
that I come up with in the lab whose composition is unknown. Believe me, we
make a LOT of those. It looks so much more professional than labeling the
vial "Unknown mixture".

Samuel Conway, Ph.D.
Senior Staff Katalyst Maker
Avid Therapeutics
Philadelphia, PA

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