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>Well, why were discussing nerve gases and the like,
>have I missed any kind of definition of what K99 and K100
>do exactly. Obviously they have genetic realtering capabilities,
>but since they've made it up to 100 different (or 98 accidentals),
>you would think that they would be able to specify exactly what
>each katalyst does (or effects, as the case may be).

Doc Konway labelled one of his creations (in RL) "Katalyst 99" or
similar...that's probably about as close an answer respecting their
actual composition that you're going to get. It's odd how MegaKat
Biochemical seems to exist for no other reason than to create
purposeless Mutagens for Dr. Viper and Dark Kat to steal...though
in "Origin of Dr. Viper", Dr. Zyme and Dr. Elrod Purvis are actually
toiling away on something useful that ended _up_ being a Mutagen
as an accident. "Mutation City" was a rather horrific exercise in science
run-amok - and Megakat Biochemical ended up being both the cause, and
the cure! (There's a lesson in there somewheres...but I'll have to save it
for "Captain Planet"...)

>Who said toons kill brain cells.

"What'd he say Beavis????"
"Shuddup, buttmunch..."
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