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Date: Sat, 14 Oct 1995 22:32:32 -0700

> Shouldn't Dark Kats Creepling be Kreeplings?

Wondered that myself...

> Anyway, IS THERE REALLY A PLUSH??? Does anyone know where to find
>them???!! I want to get my hands on ANY type of SK stuff. I'm also
>looking for a "How to Draw" SK book. All I have for resource right now is
>the FTP drawn area. Could someone upload a picture of the turbokats from
>all sides? PLEASE try to have it Black and White.... I don't have a color

I''ve got a copy of the "Comics Scene" piece with the model sheets of the Kat
guys and the Turbokat from all angles - I'll upload it to "incoming" at - but
Rat himself won't be back from Confurrence until sometime next week to
put it up in /pub.

Sorry for leading folks on, but there are NO SK plushies around at all - they
were never produced, and from what I could tell from the merchandise book, were
never intended to be produced.

 (sigh) Right now I'm working on drawing razor1.gif on paper and
>I'm doing pretty good

Me too...I draw the Kat guys (normally Razor) at work all the time - I'm
actually getting"mediocre". Everyone I talk to that draws in
the cartoon world keeps repeating the same "key to success" - and that's
"practice-practice-practice...." Keep practising.

. Now back to the toys..... I checked at Target,
>K-Mart, Meijer and some other places and couldn't find ANY Kats stuff...
>except maybe the vids...I'm not sure. Is Toys-R-Us the only place that
>has them anymore? Up here in Traverse City, MI (get your maps out) we
>don't have a toys-R-Us. But there is one in Cadillac and that's about an
>hour or so drive. I don't think my parents would drive me that far for
>SK, but I'll try.

Okay - originally, the Kat toys were supposed to be shipped to Target,
Toys R Us, and K-Mart (apparently Wal-Mart also - if I recall). So far,
the only sightings of the toys and the posters have been at TRU and K-Mart.
Try calling the store in Cadillac before making your parents drive you all
that way - you might end up disappointed!

>P.S. Is the speed of heat faster than speed of sound?

Speed of sound is about 600 mph or so - "Mach One". The "Speed of Heat"
appears to have enabled the Turbokat to acheive escape velocity - which is
considerably more (if I remember) than your average F-14.
>P.P.S. In "strikes mulitor" How can the SK go up into space or that thin
>of air? Jets can't do that. Rockets? (Hey! It's a cartoon.)

Jets reach their "service ceiling" when the air is too thin to provide the needed
lift over the wings. Turbokat operating above it's normal ceiling becomes
essentially a winged missile - the "wings" just act as stabilizers, but really
provide no "lift", as in run-of-the-mill missiles and rockets in general.
The "shield" that envelops the canopy is supposed to protect the occupants
from becoming Kentucky-fried Kat upon re-entry - a task done by the
famous "heat-shield tiles" on the Space Shuttle.

Other than that, "cartoon physics" is an oxymoron...
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