Creeplings and Toys!

Date: Sat, 14 Oct 1995 09:48:23 -0400 (EDT)

        Shouldn't Dark Kats Creepling be Kreeplings?

        Anyway, IS THERE REALLY A PLUSH??? Does anyone know where to find
them???!! I want to get my hands on ANY type of SK stuff. I'm also
looking for a "How to Draw" SK book. All I have for resource right now is
the FTP drawn area. Could someone upload a picture of the turbokats from
all sides? PLEASE try to have it Black and White.... I don't have a color
printer. (sigh) Right now I'm working on drawing razor1.gif on paper and
I'm doing pretty good. Now back to the toys..... I checked at Target,
K-Mart, Meijer and some other places and couldn't find ANY Kats stuff...
except maybe the vids...I'm not sure. Is Toys-R-Us the only place that
has them anymore? Up here in Traverse City, MI (get your maps out) we
don't have a toys-R-Us. But there is one in Cadillac and that's about an
hour or so drive. I don't think my parents would drive me that far for
SK, but I'll try.

        If I had a billion dollars... I'd get a coustimized jet built
just like the TurboKat and take pilot courses. Then I wouldn't need to drive!
It'd be lots quicker.

P.S. Is the speed of heat faster than speed of sound?

P.P.S. In "strikes mulitor" How can the SK go up into space or that thin
of air? Jets can't do that. Rockets? (Hey! It's a cartoon.)

ARTHUR JOHN FREDA It's a bird! It's a plane! It's TAILS! :)
"Tails" on FunkyChat and HappyChat

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