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Date: Fri, 13 Oct 1995 23:15:49 -0700

>I wouldn't worry about being the too old to enjoy the Kats. At 43, I collect animation of which the Kats are a marvellous part. There are quite a few of us out here, but most people are just lurkers. Those who join the list and then just read what comes along without ever responding.
>Keep enjoying the Kats and if people stare at for liking cartoons at your age, stare back at them with a confused look wondering how they could loose the ability to like cartoons at their age.

Heh! It's really fun when you hit the aisles at something like Toys R Us or your local
video store and walk out with an armful of whatever to the disdain of those watching
you - but heck, it's fun! My favourite trick when coming across someone looking down
their nose at you for the Razor plushie, Kats drawing/cel, ac-figure purchase etc is to
take a long, hard look at the individual deriding you and ask yourself "do I really want
to be anything like *them*??!". The answer is always "no", and if "maturity" means you
have to give up playing with your toys - I ain't having any of it!

Besides, as far as it goes, cartoon characters like the Kats are more fun than
80 percent of the people I meet who spend an inordinate amount of time worrying
about RRSP's and Mutual Funds.
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   with your audience. -- The "X-Files" Chris Carter

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