RE: Is anyone receiving me?

From: Matthew Weber <>
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 95 01:17:02 UT

Andy wrote:
My favourite trick when coming across someone looking down

their nose at you for the Razor plushie, Kats drawing/cel, ac-figure purchase
etc is to
take a long, hard look at the individual deriding you and ask
yourself "do I really want
to be anything like *them*??!". The answer is
always "no", and if "maturity" means you
have to give up playing with your
toys - I ain't having any of it!

What??!!? Is there a plushie out there
that I don't know about?? I _must_ have everything! AAAHHHHHH!! GIMME!

Er, uh, sorry. Just got a little carried away for a moment.
 (I think I'm having withdrawl symptoms - I need new episodes.)


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