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By: A.J. Freda

ACT 1:
        T-Bone and Razor wake up to the sound of the distress alarm.
T-bone answers the phone. Callie says "SWAT Kats, come quick! Ted Turner
is trying to cancel you and the city!!!"
        The SWAT Kats jump into action, into the TurboKat, and they're
off to MegaKat City.

ACT 2:
        When they arrive, they find Ted Turner (A giant TEDdy bear)
destroying the city. Razor gets a lock on him, and fires an Octopus
missle. Ted grabs the missle and flings it back at the jet. T-Bone just
barely dodges it. Razor tries to unsew Ted and fires pincer missles. The
missles rip Ted to shreds. Then suddenly, he puts himself back together!
        Ted fires his cancelling beam (when someone gets hit by it, they
dissappear) at the TurboKat. Ted fires many rounds. T-Bone is able to
dodge all of them. Razor fires a proto-type missle he's been working on,
it's a lulla-bye missle. The missle plays lullabyes to get Ted to go
beddy-bye, but Ted crushes the missle. Ted then fires his cancelling beam
at the city. The city disappears. All that's left is him and the SWAT
Kats. Then Ted lights a cancelling atom bomb and splits. The TurboKat
goes at the speed of heat to try to get away, but the bomb goes off and
cancells them............

ACT 3:
        All that's left are the fans of the SWAT Kats. They are inventing
a de-cancellation beam to bring back the SWAT Kats. All they have to do
is bang Ted Turner over the head with it........

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