RE: Is anyone receiving me?

From: chance <>
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 1995 22:40:47 -0700

>Andy wrote:
>My favourite trick when coming across someone looking down
>their nose at you for the Razor plushie, Kats drawing/cel, ac-figure purchase
>etc is to
>take a long, hard look at the individual deriding you and ask
>yourself "do I really want
>to be anything like *them*??!". The answer is
>always "no", and if "maturity" means you
>have to give up playing with your
>toys - I ain't having any of it! my mailprog making for this weird quoter stuff, or is it something
peculiar to Matt's setup?

>What??!!? Is there a plushie out there
>that I don't know about?? I _must_ have everything! AAAHHHHHH!! GIMME!
>Er, uh, sorry. Just got a little carried away for a moment.
> (I think I'm having withdrawl symptoms - I need new episodes.)

No kidding eh? At least the Sonic fans can get Plushies of Tails 'n 'stuff from
overseas - but Kats fans don't even get _that_ much. I would _certainly_
go for a plushie of the Kat-guys...and wouldn't turn my nose up at a Callie one

Good news/Bad news -- the action figures have already hit the bargain bins
at various K-Mart stores in at least Ohio - and can now be had for something
like $3.50 eaches. Dumb really - Teddy-the-Bear is going to use it as justification
for the unjustifiable, where we all know that they would've sold tons if they'd made
the toys resemble the TV characters properly. Still, we don't get paid to be idiots,
so what do we know? (I still don't have my ac-figs OR videos...I need some time
off to go shopping...)

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