SWAT Dogs?

From: ARTHUR JOHN FREDA <ah518_at_leo.nmc.edu>
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 15:24:26 -0400 (EDT)

        What happens when you mix SWAT Kats with 2 Stupid Dogs? SWAT Dogs
: The Stupid Squadron! It's an all out battle against the evil PIES!
        Has anyone seen "The origin of Doc. Viper" and the one with the
evil Kats on Cartoon Network? Does anyone know when the might show it?
Also, I missed Oct. 9 SWAT Kats show on TCN. I know it was one I haven't
seen, and I'm just curious to as what one it was. A lot of kids in my
school think SWAT Kats is dumb. (I'm 12.) Very few think at least they
are OK. Here's something to bang Turner over the head with: A BIG FRYING
PAN WITH THIS QUESTION: "How long did Turner Brodcasting keep G-FORCE in
the air?" If it was longer than SK, I think G-FORCE is just as violent as
SK. But the point is we KNOW that there is violence, and anyway, we know
not to try it at home, and I also don't think you can shoot people with a
Glovatrix or put the TK (TurboKat) in the air and blow up some
neighborhood. SK is just like SpiderMan : You can't do any of that
violence at home. (Have YOU ever tried to spew webbing from your wrists
and swing around a room?)

        A suggestion for a screen grab from the tv show to all you lucky
people with those vid capt. boards: At the end of "Razor's Edge" when
Razor and T-Bone say, TB: "And when Dark Kat strikes again, we'll be
waiting for him" RZ: "The two of us." and then they do what I guess you
could call a high-5, you know what I mean. I think that would be awesome
to put as a windows wallpaper.

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