Re: SWAT Dogs?

From: chance <>
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 1995 22:55:09 -0700

> Why doesn't HB use a different brodcasting system? I know, I
>know... TPS (Turner Prog. Serv.) ownes HB. Maybe HB can sell it to
>another company..... Ted Turner gives a whole new meaning to
>"Unemployment" by firing those some 98 employees. Maybe someone should
>write a letter to him about that.... maybe he doesn't like umemployment
>in the U.S. :) Haha.

It goes like this:

Stupid setup, isn't it? When Hanna-Barbera decided to go ahead with the
Kats, they should've offered it to the broadcast networks at the outset.
Turner's people said "Nah. We'll get enough of the country covered with
TBS and The Cartoon Network". BZZZZZT! But hey, thanks for playing.
In a lot of areas people don't even know what SwatKats is - in Canada
it was only available on TBS which is a pay service up here. Despite the fact
that Turner owned both TBS and Hanna-Barbera - if TBS decided not to
pick the program up for a third season, H-B would be forced to cancel
because no other networks were airing it! What a Brain Trust Atlanta
must be.

Wasn't it your school friends who thought Kats was dumb? Heck - what
do they consider "good" - Mighty Morphine Pouter Rangers? You can
stack Kats up against any ac/adv toon back to "Jonny Quest" and not find
it wanting - doubt I could say similar for MMPR in ten years.

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