Re: SWAT Dogs?

From: chance <>
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 1995 22:32:00 -0700

>If I remember correctly when G-Force was out it wasn't owned by Turner. Later
>turner bought the rites when he bought HB. Then again, how can anybody
>figure out how Turner thinks? I wonder if he can figure out how he thinks?
>Ahhh.......Just forget it, its a useless debate anyways.>

I think we'd still be seeing Kats on TBS if Turner didn't have to make more eps
using his own resources. I believe "G-Force" is just being aired on TCN as part
of a syndication package - I doubt Turner owns it.

As far as sending the Tidy Bowl man over to TPS to clean out the bowl...well, the
idea has merit, and I'm sure Time-Warner is holding auditions - but TWC has so
far proven reluctant to "pull the chain" and dump the TPS deadwood responsible for
canning Kats.

Someone wrote about a band in Hungary wearing a Kats shirt - and Matt asked
if he could acquire a scan of the pic? I second it - it must be some do-it-yourself
version, or something that TCN marketed in far off lands and not North America.
I would like to see it on the FTP site, along with the digitized Kats theme that
someone else mentioned they had.

"SwatDogs: The Stupid Squadron"...hmm..don't let H-B hear that, or it'll
be the next WPT. ("Buzz Potemkin Sings the Blues" didn't make it past
beat outline..)

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