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From: Chris Colt Gibbs <>
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 14:55:21 GMT

In article (chance) writes:
[imagine electric clippers sound effect here]
>Oh yeah, forgot. Anyone notice the relatively subtle differences between
>the two sets of Kats? Evil Razor and T-Bone hadn't shaved, whereas our
>Kats are almost always clean-shaven (...what the HELL am I saying..they
>have fur..). Actually, Good Razor forgot to shave in "Night of the Dark Kat".
[and here]

Oooh, another furgonomics question! I think that "shaving" in the SK world
really amounts to trimming their facial fur to all be the same length. My
roomate has a beard, and a set of clippers that makes it easy to keep hair/fur
at a set length. I rewatched DSotSK and yeah, you could tell that the evil
ones hadn't shaved, as well as a few other subtle differences. DarkKat must
be kicking himself for not noticing them in the first place! :)

Chris Colt

Sig file? You mean give space at the end of my post to that Freud guy? :p

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