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Date: Wed, 20 Sep 1995 22:02:26 -0400 (EDT)

Andy Hill wrote:
>I've got "style guide" pics of Callie, TB&R and most of the
>remaining cast. Some of it is B&W line-art, (including some
>rad TB&R stuff along the lines of the poster), and some of it
>is the coloured versions of the same thing along with
>merchandise pics. Before I go filling up /pubs, maybe some
>of you can tell me what you'd like to see put up.

Ya know, I'd like some input on what people would like to see.
Not stuff that's already available, but artwork ideas that you'd
like to see on a T-shirt, or for a Windoze backdrop, etc.

>Kind of an admin thing -- if I scan in the B&W line-artwork,
>it's going to be an odd resolution like 1280x1128 - i.e., it
>won't fit properly on a single VGA screen. I can scan it in
>like the "chance1.gif" on the FTP site, or crop it so it will
>fit on a standard screen - it's a public vote

I would prefer to have it scanned in the largest resolution
possible--I can always resize the image myself later on and
still have the highest quality.

>BTW, if you haven't already checked out Matt Weber's stuff
>"puma-ad.gif" and "calliedm.gif", you should. I hope I can

Thanks! I'd really like any kind of feed-back any of you have
to offer! It helps me to improve & gives me ideas -- and in the
end you get more and better looking pictures!

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