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>'Member how we were debating about the Swat Kats and time travling? Well
>in "The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice" remember how Callie and Dr. Sinian
>tried to stop him castng the spell? Well I remember somewhere someone
>asking about which one came first, 'Bride' or 'Twice'. 'Twice had to have
>come first 'cause the Pastmaster showed no intrest in Callie when she was
>trying to stop him, yet during the "The Deadly Pyrmid" when he saw Callie
>also noticed the resemblance between her and Callista like the 'Kats did
>when THEY first met her. Coincedince?????????? Or not???????????

"Pastmaster Always Rings Twice" was the very first episode of SwatKats
(11/93) although I believe
that "The Giant Bacteria" was actually completed first. "Bride of the
Pastmaster" was actually episode
6. This is one of the things with the "Pastmaster" that causes quite the
mind-boggle...where'd he go
after falling off the Dragon in "Bride", and how'd he end up back in the
future (pardon the pun) for
episode 15, "A Bright and Shiny Future", and then from there to "Deadly
Pyramid" (although he had this nifty scene in "Deadly" where he just kinda
parted the heavens and showed up...kinda like Ted Turner hisself).

(Those of us still using PINE to read the list <snicker> might want to tell
me if they're getting
 the word-wrap "Wimbledon" sensation reading my stuff...I might have to
alter a few things
 now I'm blessed with SLIP/Eudora for e-mail ops).
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