SK: The Video Game.

From: Leet Wai Leong Simon <>
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 1995 17:19:57 +0800 (GMT-8)

Er. Urm. Ahem.
What can I say folks, I rented it and finished it in 3 days. Awfully
short. I'm sad to say that it's not a particularly good game,
unfortunately. That's not to say that the game bites, but it's just not
one of the better (or more original) games for the SNES. I'm particularly
disappointed with the flying sequences which felt a LOT like playing
Turbo Space Invaders rather than flying the TurboKat.

The platform sequences were better, and the difference between using
T-Bone and Razor was a nice touch (though certainly not enough to justify
playing the game again). There werequite a few neat ideas thrown in, but
they weren't really fully developed; The level-up system for one, which
tends to lead to immortal SWATKats after a while, and the use of SF type
button combos to do uppercuts (What's the point? You've got a Glovatrix!
And there are only two such moves ...)

Graphics and sound were generally okay, nothing spectacular though. The
music is apt and unobtrusive, while for most levels the graphics are
acceptable. (DarkKat's level seems to be the exception though)

Overall, the game is kinda fun and challenging in some areas (especially
finding all the dang coins) but "lacklustre" is the general impression.
Basically for Kats fans (they used quite a bit of stuff from the first

One last note, I found the ending humorous but short and I finished the
game with a time of about 85 (?) minutes ... does anyone know if there's
a way to improve the ending?

-Simon Leet
 who wonders how people in most games
 seem to be able to jump twice their height. :)
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