The Toys...

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 95 12:38:20 CDT

I finally found the toys, hey I'm in the midwest, cut me some slack.
To sum up my total impression, I'll wait for them to clearance.
...and from the way the shelves were full of these things that won't be
long now.

I was not at all impressed with the job Remco and/or the designers
did on these toys. T-Bone looks more like Razor than the Razor figure
did, and I'm not sure what was going on with Dark Kat (didn't someone
mention these are more to the original designs, than the toon??)
I did like and pick up the Dr. Viper, he's more of a mutant than he is in
the toon, kinda like a jr. "Mutation City" Godzilla-Viper. I thought
the $6 price was a tad high for what you got. I didn't understand
the crossbow for Razor, why not just give both kats a Glove.
I think they would have done well to go ahead with the Metallikats,
because typically you can make a non-facial character closer than
ones that have expressions (see stormtroopers in the new SW line).
Oh, and give them the TurboKat, and sell sets of different missles.

All and all, I think Playmate would have done these toys far more justice
than Remco, a justice long over due.

Ian, the above is obviously just my opinion.
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