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**Forwarded from alt.tv.swatkats more or less as a followup to Ian Lynn's
  post. "DJ Clawson" is the fan-club president for Kats on "Prodigy" **

Dj Clawson (XXRJ13C_at_prodigy.com) wrote:
: Yeah, I know they SUCK! For some stupid reason, I went and bought them
: all at my Toys 'R' Us and they look worse out of the box! What happened
: to Razor's uniform? It's purple and green! Dark Kat looks like a wombat
: without his cape and mask on (which keeps falling off anyway). Dr. Viper
: seems to have mutated himself or something--where'd his lab coat go?
: Chance is pretty much the only one who looks halfway like something from

: the show. And those neon colors on everyone . . . Jeez, I have one BIG
: painting job ahead of me!

You do that too, huh?

Yes, the figures bite. There's a good reason though. The toys went
through a number of revisions, and the Tremblay Bros still weren't
satisfied. The problem was that the toy company came up with stuff that
was actually worse, but by the time it went from H-B to Toy Company to
Tremblays and back again, Executive Producer Buzz Potemkin rubber stamped
the revision (the toys current form) just to "get them out of my hair" or
similar. He may have been under pressure to get the marketing going, but
any one of us (or any other ac-figure marketing person for that matter)
could've told him that unless they look as they do in the show, they
won't sell (look at which TMNT figures are sold out at TRU, and which
ones they have many leftovers of - not hard to see what's what, huh?).

Tremblays wanted the figures to be more detailed than the average ac/adv
action figures, but didn't take into account the need to simplify the
designs for the production line. What was intended to more or less
duplicate the version of the Kat-guys seen on the outside of the Video
Packages kind of didn't make it through the translation process to plastic.

Stuff happens -- blame Buzz.

(Hey Doc K! I remembered to delete the sigs this time!)
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