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Date: Tue, 8 Aug 1995 10:10:17 -0700 (PDT)

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> On August third, Chance wrote:
> > The comments still (eventually) get entered into
> the H-B computer, and you may even get a reply from Davis Doi like
> someone recently did.
> I got a reply from Mr. Doi myself. Asked me for my home phone to talk with me
> as well. Very nice guy. He apparently had very little idea (til I talked to
> him) how much fan response there was through the net and online services.

Heh. Funny how all the Kats fans from wherever all manage to hook up to
the net either via the list or the group. There's a guy named "Kyle" on
the newsgroup that I remember Christian mentioning, and it turns out that
he talks to Christian more often than me and Michael Hirtes put together.

I got suspicious about the fan-mail earlier when Victoria McCollum told
me that she'd "only seen three or four letters" since Mark Lungo
("Animato!" Kats author) tried a letter campaign outside of the Net.
Man, I'm responsible for at _least_ that many letters personally, and I
know a few others that have written more than that.

SkyKit's letter sat _somewhere_ for what, six months maybe? Davis just
got hold of it recently, so where had it been for all that time? I'd bet
that every measure they put in place to deal with the volume gets rapidly
outsripped, and they're just getting through them now - picking out the
ones like SkyKit's when they surface, and circulating them to whatever
department. These individuals remaining after Kats got the short straw
likely don't know there's fan support because:

        a) They aren't on the net - only Turner corporate appears to
           monitor events, and then only rec.arts.animation

        b) Fan Mail is boxed and put off for "when we have the resources"

        c) Turner sits on mail intended for named recipients for fear of
           re-igniting old rebellions, which, last time I checked, is

Here's a suggestion, maybe write to Davis instead of Seibert. Davis is
one of the good guys, and had *NOTHING* to do with Kanned Kitties, but
mail might actually _get_ to him? I'll do two copies of my next one, and
cc him and Hughes under separate cover.

Anyone got access to a fax 'sides me?

 "Of course it has boogers in it. It's got kid-type humour" - John K. in TVG
 "Naaaah...just make them cat aliens." - Executive 'creative input' at H-B
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