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Date: Tue, 8 Aug 95 11:32:06 -0500

Matt wrote:
>I noticed that right after the 6pm airing of SK on TCN there was a
>very short spot that came up with a blue background & the kat "head"
>that appears in the logo. The beginning of the music plays & a
>voice says "They're coming..." in a whispering tone. Then that's
>it--no more info. What the heck's going on?

It's a promo for the daily SWAT KATS strip that starts this week on the
Cartoon Network (6:00pm ET, weekdays).

It's actually the opening chord of the first season, sustained for a few
extra seconds, with the voice-over and a jet engine FX dubbed over it. It
sounds way-cool when played through a set of BIG speakers (lots of low-
frequency reverb). :) They use the cat-logo in the same way they use the
Warner shield/Batman logo in the Batmarn cartoon series. Looks spiffy!

I just got a sound card for my PC, and I'm about to get the software that
will allow me to create Video for Windows (AVI) files. *IF* I can get all
the pieces to work, I'll try to capture this promo to an AVI file. Keep
your paws crossed, Kat-fans!

>...even a short appearance in an ad for "Dogust" (TCN's
>promoting dog cartoons for the month of August.) Right at the very
>end of this ad you see TB & R standing with that "don't mess with
>us" looking right at the camera.

Heh, yeah, and the narrator says, "Okay, we'll give equal time to cats..."
That's another good spot.

>Have the winds at TPS changed?

Maybe. But, like I said before, the people running the Cartoon Network
seem to have their own agenda, and are promoting the heck out of the Kats.
Whether this will make any difference remains to be seen.

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