Re: They're coming?

From: White Trash (SK) <"White>
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 1995 13:50:44 -29900

On Mon, 7 Aug 1995, MATT WEBER wrote:

> I noticed that right after the 6pm airing of SK on TCN there was a
> very short spot that came up with a blue background & the kat "head"
> that appears in the logo. The beginning of the music plays & a
> voice says "They're coming..." in a whispering tone. Then that's
> it--no more info. What the heck's going on?

I have another version of that ad... It was basically a spot for the 6PM
time slot... In short, it said "They're coming..." Then when the CN logo
flashed up, instead, it said Weekdays at 6:00PM and dubbed over it was
"The SWAT Kats, every weekday at 6PM on the only place for toons, the
Cartoon Network." ... I think they were just running it again for
absolutely no reason... :-) But I did see that one...
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