The Irony of it all!!!

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 95 08:03:59 CDT

Kinda seems sad that after all the letter writing and talk everywhere
on the net about bringing the kats back, that if they do, it could be
a inferior piece of crap (post-Spumco-esc). I was just poking in the
wind yesterday when I suggested that this was what Turner was thinking
of doing. Andy may have all too well confirmed those sentiments, though.
If Turner isn't willing to pay the quality writers for the show, who's
to say he'll be willing to pay Wang for the art. A definite eye-catcher
in the second season, which drew many people that I have spoken to in on
the show, story lines keeping them. It kinda works like a fishing line
the art is the bait, but the story is the hook that keeps you, and reels
you in. Gotta have both!!

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