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From: White Trash (SK) <"White>
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 1995 13:55:55 -29900

> SkyKit's letter sat _somewhere_ for what, six months maybe? Davis just
> got hold of it recently, so where had it been for all that time? I'd bet
> that every measure they put in place to deal with the volume gets rapidly
> outsripped, and they're just getting through them now - picking out the
> ones like SkyKit's when they surface, and circulating them to whatever
> department. These individuals remaining after Kats got the short straw
> likely don't know there's fan support because:
> a) They aren't on the net - only Turner corporate appears to
> monitor events, and then only rec.arts.animation
> b) Fan Mail is boxed and put off for "when we have the resources"
> c) Turner sits on mail intended for named recipients for fear of
> re-igniting old rebellions, which, last time I checked, is
> "mail-tampering".
> Here's a suggestion, maybe write to Davis instead of Seibert. Davis is
> one of the good guys, and had *NOTHING* to do with Kanned Kitties, but
> mail might actually _get_ to him? I'll do two copies of my next one, and
> cc him and Hughes under separate cover.
> Anyone got access to a fax 'sides me?
Right here. I'll help any way I can, if they'll just get off their ass
and at least make an effort to get some of the people back that made the
'Kats great.

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